The wisdom of intellect, words, and action – this is the beginning of all beginnings and the authority above all authorities – so establish and erect the wisdom of intellect, words, and action and with all of this together as one establish and erect diligent discernment.

The concept of wisdom included all three of these: intellect (mind), word, and action.

The word רֵאשִׁית comes from רֹאשׁ and means beginning and authority, both at once. It is nearly identical to the Greek ἀρχή.

What is often translated as to get is actually to erect (to show or indicate possession and establishing into a new form or existence).

Understanding (בִּינָה from בִּין) means to separate mentally or distinguish, with diligence. There is the concept of endurance in it. So it is diligent discernment.