The fear of YHWH is to personally hate that which spoils and breaks into pieces to make useless; the feminine way of mounting up and the masculine way of mounting up and the place that is tread by the mouth that turns about and spoils and breaks into pieces, I personally hate.

רָע (evil) originates from רָעַע to spoil (literally, by breaking to pieces)
It means that we must personally hate evil…And it comes in two forms. One in the woman as a kind of rising up above other people and above God. Another form in man. And they show themselves, both of them, in the mouth. By turning its words in ways to make things useless, by destroying them into pieces.

It makes me think of our way of cutting everything into pieces to try to understand it. When you cut it up, the original thing is no longer there. But we also do it in many other ways with our mouths. And this comes out of these two forms of pride… the rising up in woman and in man.

Those two words, translated as pride and arrogance, in Hebrew they come from the same word origin and are feminine and masculine forms of it. I know we say that in language “masculine” and “feminine” do not necessarily correspond to the genders, but they do when referring to people. It is amazing that there are two ways in which this rising up (pride or arrogance) shows itself in woman and in man.

Thank you Father for your wisdom that is so much deeper and richer than anything we could ever think on our own! Praise the LORD!