The Fear of Death and the Knowledge and Promise of Resurrection

1 John 3:16-20 and Hebrews 2:9-15

With the view that we have been saved from the bondage that the fear of death causes, this fear of death is what prevents us from laying down our lives for our brothers. And it is the same fear that also prevents us even from helping a brother who is in physical need. But Christ did not fear death, because he knew perfectly the power of God to resurrect from the dead. And he died to demonstrate to us that he had been given this authority over death to resurrect from the dead those entrusting themselves to him. And so we have the knowledge of God to relay to us that He is able to raise from the dead, just as it did to Abraham when he was beginning to sacrifice Isaac… and we have the promise from the Son of God who knows the Father perfectly… and we have the demonstration of the risen Son of God who came back from the dead!!! What more will we demand from God before we truly believe?