You are the Lamb on the Throne is not a symbol as some would have it. It is a reality. There is an actual Throne and there is an actual Lamb. He is at once the Lamb of God, slain for the sins of the world and the Son of God who came to save the world from sin through His teaching, by His actions, and to establish the Church as His body on the Earth to continue the teaching and the actions toward salvation. But He is also at the same time the Word of God from before all beginnings and above all authorities and everything was made through Him. Therefore, the Father has given dominion over everything to Him. That means He sits on the Throne.

I am a man, sinful and torn contrasts in humility the reality of my existence, set against the exalted nature of the Lamb. We are both wounded. I am torn and he was slain. We both live. I live by mercy when I should have died. The Lamb lives by the miracle of resurrection and the power of God, after having died voluntarily and contrary to what he deserved. I deserve to die, yet live. The Lamb did not deserve to ever die, yet died and now also lives forever.

You died for me, I know, I know, I know, I know. This is the connection between the Lamb on the Throne and me as a man, sinful and torn. He died for me so that tear would not kill me. The repetition of the fact that I know is not an ascension to knowledge, but an act of the will. I am convincing myself to act based on this fundamental knowledge and in all areas of my life.

King on the throne, there is but one; Savior from sin, died to atone. The fact that the one and only King was the very one who rescued us from sin is simply an amazing fact. He himself, though the one and only King, went to death in our place. The King knew by law that we would have to die for our sin and He chose to die in our place, may the Lord be forever praised! He atoned for our sin with His death. The value of His atonement was sufficient because of two aspects of who He is. First, He is the Son of the Living God. This is the greatest value. Secondly, He was perfect and without sin. A sacrifice for sin must be without blemish, but imagine one sacrifice for all the sin of all humanity throughout all time! This sacrifice would have to be the purest of all throughout time – and He is.

We who were dead, brought back to life; We worship Him, true Light of light. The result of the amazing disparity between the One who saved us through His death and our life that is undeserved is in fact worship. We were dead in our sins, though alive in our flesh. And we were brought back to life from that death. We do not just worship anything. We do not worship that life that was given back to us. The life is the gift and to worship this life would be like praising the gift, instead of the Giver. That would be absurd, but it is the way of the world. They value life in the flesh more than the Creator Who is the Giver of that life. Even when we are talking about the spiritual life, that is given to us when we are brought back to life, the Giver alone is to be worshiped and valued above the gift itself. We worship the One true God who died for us. He is the true and absolute source of light, knowledge, awareness, the state of being spiritually awake. This is what is expressing itself in the repetition of I know, I know, I know, I know and becomes action that permeates our entire life turning the length or our life into one great act of worship of the One who died for us, the Lamb on the Throne who reigns forever more.