My name is Ron Craig and I have been in business since 1998.

My first company was an IT firm in Seattle, near Microsoft. I serviced small businesses in Seattle and in a community to the north, called Bellingham.

In 2005 I started operations in Poland, servicing Sony, Merck, Avon, and Nestle. I also helped small business with their development. While I was in Europe I took an MBA in Marketing and Advertising.

When I returned to the States I began developing businesses in Los Angeles. I have helped many startups in many sectors, not only IT. Health, Video, Ad Agency, Casinos, Web Apps are among a few of them.

Among my own businesses is a Web Application Programming diploma that trains non-programmers to enter the field professionally. The goal is to provide opportunities for people to change their career path and provide for their families. Another of my businesses is a PVC firm that will soon open a factory in Ukraine to import products to the European Union. It started with a small yard for pipes and one truck.

Along the way, I have also serviced many individuals trying to create businesses. They are just your average person looking to make a niche for themselves to create an income and be their own bosses.

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