The difference between doing business in the moment or doing it in the task is in our relationship to the passing of time and to the task.

If we are in the task, then we do not notice the passage of time. As time passes unnoticed, we miss opportunities within the passing, invisible moments [a moment is defined by changes in location or events (which are simply changes in the things around or inside us). This is the passage of Time as we experience it]. We then evaluate the task with regards to what we have finished compared to what we have left to do. We are slave to the task and to the work, but asleep in the moment.

Doing business within the moment forces us to evaluate the relationship of the task from outside of it and by its relationship to the moment we are in. In this way we take control of both the moment in a personal way and of the task in an objective way (since we stand outside it and within the moment). We then evaluate the task with regards to its parts compared to the whole task. In this way we are awake in the moment and the task becomes our tool and we maintain mastery of it.

Ephesians 5:16 “Awaking from the opportunity of the passing moment, because the immovable days are toilsome.” [The Rooted Word]